Barely Used 1000x1000 X-Carve NE Ohio

Selling an X-Carve I picked up in November 2021 as a pandemic project that has received less than 2 hours of use. No longer interested in continuing to use. Triquetra zero, JTech Photonics Laser, Dust Control. Side and wasteboard. 6 different bit sets, router, xcarve and clamp set. Paid $2800. Asking $1800. Willing to also sell mobile work table built for it as well.

Could you post pictures, please? :relaxed:

Hi Jon,

I’m located in NE Ohio as well.
Is this machine still available? Does it come with the Easel subscription? Was it new in 11/2021?


PM sent

Hi Jason, It was new in 2021. I currently have the Easel subscription, I’m not sure on the transferability of it or not but would be happy to figure that out.

I will see if I can get some pictures posted tonight.

It would be difficult to ship?

Yes. I would not ship it.

This has sold.