Basic Fonts updated

Hi everyone,
We have updated the following Basic fonts with extended characters set. This includes international characters & less frequently used symbols. This change does not affect existing projects, and adds more characters to the following Basic fonts:


Hey @KacperMarcisz

What happened to Lavenderia? We use this on several of our book covers and it appears to be gone. We use Easel Pro.

We have orders we are suppose to do today that require this font.

Any help is appreciated.

Also We have a design this morning that has a heart. In edit mode the heart shows, when not in text edit mode it doesn’t show up. (See attached)

Lavenderia is a basic font (not a pro) and around January 18th the fonts were re-organized, placing all basic fonts at the bottom of the list. Just scroll down and you should see it at the very bottom.

As for the heart: Not all symbols are supported yet so you may need to either use a design element from the design library (apple button), or import the heart as a .svg , .dxf or image trace.

Hi @DebbieLee ,
@SethCNC was quicker to provide the answer. Lavanderia font has not been modified in any way, and is available to be used in Basic fonts category.

As for the heart the character set of Lavanderia does not include the heart emoji, or much extended characters really. Easel tries do to visual substitutions when typing but that doesn’t translate to carving as the font doesn’t provide a glyph for a particular character. Like pointed out using Design Library is a great way to get plenty of non-text elements incorporated into your flow.

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Ah we must have missed that memo.

After using Easel for years the alphabetical list seemed a lot more intuitive, at least we didn’t have to know if it was a pro or basic font.

Thanks for the help!


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