Basic Kit without Nema steppers


Many thanks for this great news and i was on the way to order the Shapeoko Mechanical kit.

According the X-carve basic kit which is suitable for me but since i have already the Steppers motion controller (TinyG) and the Nema 23 (3) + 1 Nema 17 so my question is about what i need to order regarding the steppers . I am assuming i just need the pulleys. If yes which pulley model i need to order or any other hardware i need to consider?


Each of the (4) stepper motors needs a pulley. The X-Carve uses Aluminum GT2 pulleys with 20 teeth for 6mm belt. See the links below.

Many thanks for the prompt response, i will proceed accordingly.


considering buying my own electronics , what is theory behind using nema 23 140oz as opposed to a bigger oz size (175oz), if I want faster and stronger cut speeds (hardwood and aluminum), does it make sense to upgrade to stronger nemas?

Stronger motors will give you faster rapids and are less likely to skip steps when being pushed hard. Unfortunately, the gShield stepper motor controller cannot provide the extra current needed by the larger motors, so you won’t see much of an improvement. The TinyG outputs the same amount of current, but does have an extra driver so the Y motor don’t have to share a driver. You still have the same current on the other two axes.

FWIW: All of the metal cutting we have done has been on the 140oz motors.

The new X-Controller has 4 stepper drivers and can deliver more current.

Thank you Bart, on another thread about digitizing probes, I was recommended to use Planet CNC controller board and drivers because they have their own software that accommodates Digitizing Probes (I want to copy guitar necks and reproduce them). I’m trying to compile a list of electronic components to add to a mechanical X Carve kit. I’m learning alot (newb), am confident I can wire these components but am pretty confused about all the offered variety, motors, drivers, controller boards, and software. My hope is to use my Mac with WInXP/Parralells to control via usb. Another thread mentioned Smooth Stepper board for parallel mach3 setups to be converted to usb control, and that there is also a Digitizing Probe plugin for Mach 3… I’m not too sure which is better, Mach 3, or Planet CNC software, and related controller/drivers etc… I’d love to get it right the first time. Your help is much appreciated.

I have no experience with digitizing probes. I have a lot of experience with Mach3 and a USB Smoothstepper. I have been running that setup for years on my 4 x 4 router. It runs great. Mach3 can be a little daunting for the noob. It is not too bad if put your brain in “Old School” mode and dig through all the menus and dialog boxes. I figured it out when I was a noob. Mach3 can basically run just about anything if you set it up right.

I have no idea how it will work on a Mac. I have used Planet CNC.

Sorry, but that is all I can offer on this topic.


cool looks great !
Some question ?
I got my X carve over the Uk thru but the dont have the X-Controller so do you send it to sweden ??

can i use my old power supply or need to buy a new one ?

and i need 230V plug in is that possible too ?

and as i understand right i need more wireing because of on of my Y achses is connectet in the middle so i do not swap red/white and red/blue i go all the way to the X controller and connet each achse by it self ??

hope you all understand how i mean :slight_smile:

Yes we send it to Sweden. We don’t have the 230V yet but after we launch the 110V version we will evaluate the popularity and see if we can afford to do a 230V version.

so i can not use my powersupple i got now ??

@travelx Did you order an X-Controller?

no not yet like to wait a little for the 230 outlet :slight_smile: and can you plz answer my last question can i keep the powersupple i got now or do i need a new one again ?? the on one the frist pics i send S-400-24

The power supply that comes with the X-Carve is 120-240. There is a switch on the side. If you got it from Robosavvy it should have already been switched. You can use it with the G-shield and arduino.

If you were to buy an X-Controller designed for 230V it would come with a power supply inside so you wouldn’t use yours.

oh so means i have tow power supply if i get a X controller means pay for one i have no need :slight_smile: yes i swicht already i mean the out let like on my pics 2 up there ! for 240 v
why did you ask if i got already on do you like to sponser one for me :stuck_out_tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

@Travelx :slightly_smiling: yes you would have two. You could sell one on Ebay. They are different wattages so you can’t use the one you have in the X-Controller.

ok will think of it first i need to see why easl is not recognize my machine any more after i use G code sender :slight_smile:

If you have them both open at the same time g-code sender is probably keeping the port open.

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