Batch Mode

Hello Team,

I had a thought. Batch Mode.
What is it you ask? I’m here to tell you.

With a lot of us trying to turn a profit with our machines, we try to work on multiple pieces at the same time.

What I think would be nice is:

1 Single design in Easel, but you set it up as a batch mode, and then you individually set the X/Y/Z for each piece during setup.

“But Tim! You can just duplicate the work and tile it in Easel!”
You’re right my imaginary question asker. You can. However, if your measurements in Easel are off vs what you placed the individual pieces on the cutting area, you can see some issues there.


I want to place X pieces on my cutting area (all presumably the same size)… then with a single design (without duplicating / placing in easel) be able to tell Easel I have X pieces, then it has me X/Y/Z each piece.

Then it cuts said design into those X pieces.

Sounds kindof like your asking for Nesting, but your interested in nesting identical parts, so you could manually position or use the equal spacing tool and/or then use the Replicator tool to fit stuff to the stock pretty fully. Otherwise it sounds like a your want to do manual tiling (check out early 2020 videos on manual tiling in easel) OR possibly add a mark for tiling, or maybe even a pair of “Through the workpiece dowels” to assist with getting your tiling measurements spot on :man_shrugging:

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