Bathroom footstool

For quite some time I wanted to make a footstool for squatting with my X-Carve. This is an great original gift :slight_smile: for the xmas season.


I understand that with the human anatomy in its current configuration squatting is supposed to be the best way to go

but that whole deal just seems werid to me I guess its hard to break from the status quo and go with v2.0 of the daily ritual

oh thanks for that

its what we all needed to make christmas eve magical!!

LOL I have never seen a square toilet. most that I have seen are oval shaped.
Nifty work. thanks for sharing.

well, square seems to be a trend in toilet fashion

when do we in america get the little water jets and warmers like japan has?!!

I read that wrong. I thought it said โ€œFor squatting ON my X-Carveโ€โ€ฆ

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