bCNC wont work on laptop or PC's except one desktop

Hi All, I’ve been breaking my brain trying to get bCNC working on a PC other than my desktop.
I’ve followed all the guides deleting and starting from scratch to no avail. Can anyone offer a helping hand here please ?
Regards … Mike B

Did you try the exe?

Ummm, the exe file generated by bCNC ?

Are you on a windows 10 pc?

The one that works is '10 I’m trying to get the others going on '7pro.

I’m not sure if the the exe linked above works. Did you try that or did you install through the command line?

Ok a bit more info. The exe bat didn’t seem to work. The bCNC installs and can control the machine (arduino clone) for everything but autolevel (probe works) which is the main problem since the main use is to be PCB milling. The last few times the ‘Set WPOS’ woulod not work either.
I have done the installing with python and cmd.

Thanks for responding, I have to go now for a while.
Cheers . Mike B

The exe I linked above (I’ll make it more obvious below) is a self contained installer. I’m not sure if it will work on Windows 7, but I can try it tomorrow on a PC at work.

Ok thanks, I’ll do similar soon.

Cheers … Mike B

So I deleted the previous and extracted the zip file( which seems to end up several dirs down) then In the CMD prompt installed python 2.7 and then and setup pip followed by pyserial 3.4…( included in the enviroment path)
Running the "python -m pip install bCNC’ in python errored out with the error message in small red print which I find hard to read but a fairly long list ending with “error: PyObjC requires macOS to build” which is about where I came in !
As I recall it is neccessary to have Tkinter installed ? which I haven’t at the mo’ although is it installed with python2.7 ?
Cheers … Mike B

Change your dns to pri sec

Thanks, That is a new setting to me, could you expand it a bit for a newby please?
I.e where to enter the command.
Cheers , Mike B