Be Careful on Height

Tried to carve a floral using Aspire and 1.70 thick piece of cedar. These are things I learned. When carving thick items you chance of clamps running into the bottom of the Y-axis plates. Haven’t even thought of collision between these two items. Will come up with a height scale to check this. Bottoming out of the router nut with the work piece surface. I heard thunk and them I heard again. Being a home alone I then checked at saw the reason why. Make sure bit is extended enough to the deepest cut. On my rough I used a .250 bit. learned that the x-carve can plow through the material at a quick rate. Use enough clamps, at least 4 and think about using clamps as a method to stop the material as a bumper. The piece is trash at this point. My job now is to see if the part can be saved.

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