Bed leveling issue

I got my X-Carve built last week and I’ve done a few carves. They looked good, but then recently I did a carve that went all the way to the waste board, and it looks I have a leveling issue, but it seems somewhat more severe than I’ve seen from others.

I did a bunch of searching but didn’t find much in the way of advice to address this (if I missed a post that answers the question, I apologize). Here is a photo to show what I’m seeing.

The amount of change over a relatively short portion of the x-axis seems higher than what I’ve seen elsewhere. Can anyone give me ideas of how to adjust? If it really is just a matter of surfacing the waste board, I’ll do that but I would like to adjust if possible first, to minimize the issue.

Now that you mention it, you are right. I had forgotten that pushed the e-stop button on the X-Controller because the piece I was carving popped out (there were tabs in the design, but I think I had a z-axis calibration issue, or perhaps an incorrectly set height for the material).

I must have stopped it mid-layer. That makes lots more sense. I suspect if I go through the normal leveling process I should get pretty close. Thanks for the quick response!

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I need to do just a bit of squaring on the z-axis. Then I’ll run through the x/y calibration procedure, and finally I will do a leveling pass, if needed.

I think I remember seeing that Robert did a video for the calibration procedure. I’ll have to check it out.

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I’d also recommend dust collection or, at least holding the shop vac in there. It’s very messy and MDF dust is the worst.

I put drawer liner under the wasteboard, it’s that rubbery foam stuff. I then put screws in each corner and in the middle. Ran the machine around with a depth gauge. I tightened and loosened screws as needed.

It’s not 100%, but I would say I am close enough to where I don’t notice.

I installed a dust collector right from the start (with a Dust Deputy as well). I also built an enclosure, both for noise reduction, and dust control.

That’s an interesting idea. I might have to try that.