Beefy built Y Plates

These should do the trick.


Holy S#*&!

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Nice! I’m assuming your base is made out of 20x40. Hence the extra holes on the bottom. But what’s the top hole on the left side for?

Originally the 3 extra hole were to be a mounting point to mount the whole machine to the table top although, using them for a larger extrusion would probably make more sense. I quickly made these up while I had extra time on the machine and the scap to make them with, really should have put more thought into them. After looking them over there a are a few things I would like to change in the design so theses will probably not be used. Id sell them to someone with a stock x-carve if they were interested.

No but I had 1 inch scrap around so I figured why not,lol. Yes the circular finish is just from a facing toolpath.

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