Been waiting 5 years for this

So I love the outdoors but I am allergic to everything in the woods and there was a group of trees I have been wanting for the past 5 years and today was the day. A friend bought the ground where these trees were located and they are where his cabin is going so he cuts down the trees and ask if I want the wood.Well yes I do. He dropped off a few small pieces today so I could decide if I want them. And next week the logs will arrive they are 5-6 foot sections of flame box elder I love this stuff. they will be heading off to the sawmill to be made into boards then placed into storage to dry. But for now the small stuff I will dry and use on the xcarve.


Ooh, you lucky dude!

WHen you get the boards, be sure to paint the end grain of them right away with that old latex paint you haven’t tossed out yet so the ends don’t develop cracks from too rapid moisture loss. Then stack them on stickers to dry.


Beautiful! Any burls by chance?!

End seal them then keep in a cool spot after year kiln dry. Nice looking wood for free, I wish it grew on Vancouver Island.

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Don’t know as of yet.

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Flame Box Elder provides some beautiful wood, you are very lucky getting that for free. When I first saw the post I thought that it was Black Walnut, which also has darker heart wood. I’ve got a mature Black Walnut tree in my front yard, and would love to get some of that wood, but would also miss the beauty of a mature tree.

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