Before I buy - newbie question

Doing my research on inventables. I want to get into 3d carving, bas relief carving fantasy art into wood. Forget the ice cream piece wording but something along this line:

What would be the best setup to get? I know the sizes come down to how big I want but was thinking of all the options and software that would required to get to make this type of work.


Forget the images you wish to carve. What size of pieces do you see yourself working on in a year from now?

I have the 1000mm and most of it goes unused (other than storage space for bits and materials). But, I have had occasion to work on a larger piece when I wish.

Somewhere (I can’t seem to find it) is a post of people’s machine setups. It’ll give an idea what you’ll be getting into. Also check out some posts from projects:

There is a difference between 2.5d and 3d carving, mostly software. The X-Carve is capable of both, but the free (and paid) version of Easel by Inventables is only 2.5d software.

There are plenty of posts on the merits of the various software packages available on here.

I have the 750, wish I would have gotten the 1000. If you have room go for the 1000. As for software, if money is no object Aspire will do about anything at $2,000.00. VCarve desktop is what alot of people use. Check out the tutorials.

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Machine: get the biggest you can afford. You will not regret that decision.

Software: I like v carve desktop. Only limitation I see is size of design. (Which can be tiled and done in sections per software). This is same limitation as the largest x carve anyway. Plus can always upgrade to pro. And aspire for the cost difference later if needed. Plus learn fusion 360 for more advanced 3d modeling.

Other newbie tips:

  1. You already got this one right. USE THE FORUM. It is unbelievable to me what I have learned on here.

  2. Set up workspace properly before anything else. Good tool organization, dedicated computer space. Ect. Look up workspace showcase on here. And tool organizers.

  3. Mount machine so you can pass larger materials through the y axis. You will see what I mean and when you want to make an 8 ft sign. You will kick your self if it hits the wall.

  4. Dust collection is a must. Enough said.

  5. Do all the stiffening mods you can during assembly. Again. Look on here. You will learn alot.

  6. Blue loctite. Enough said. Lol.

  7. Keep extra timing belts on hand. And tension them properly.

So to finally answer your question. YES. with the right tooling and software. Your design is more than just possible with the x carve. I love mine.

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Great advice! I am super excited.

Anyone use that no interest finance system? $2k is still cheap but am thinking I can sneak that into the budget at like $160/month.