Beginner CNC cabinet maker

I just took the plunge into CNC to add into my cabinet shop. Looking for some advice on starting points for making cabinet sides.

  • Has anyone seen / used a good video?
  • Should I build a vac table to hold pieces down while milling or are they large enough that they should stay in place without tabs?
  • I currently use sketchup for my own drawings or builders will come to me typically with cabinet vision drawings. Does anyone have experience using Cabinet vision on the x-carve pro?

Appreciate all of the help in advance.


Andrew, please share any info you find. I am interested in a vac table for mine as well.
Thanks, Eric

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Parts do not stay in place without proper work holding methods.
You will want to either use tabs, or double sided tape, or a vacuum table should work as well, if its configured well and isnt loosing suction once the cut is made.

I would stick to tabs and make sure they placed where they are easy to cut and route or sand off.

Anothrr option ive used for shop furniture where the cut edge isnt critical from a little movement at the end is using a compreasion bit and a full depth, single pass cut… the dust conpacts around the workpiece holding it in place, theres usually a little witness mark at the very end of the cut as the workpiece tends to shift a tiny bit as its cut free at the end.

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You might want to take a look at Mozaik software. Design the kitchen, push out CNC gcode.

Nice package, just finish my own kitchen using their tools.


big disappointment with MOZAIK! I have been trying to using Mozaik for 3 months and they are NOT good at customer service! The training is a few weeks out and you cant do anything unless they set up your machine and help you build out how you want to construct your cabinet boxes… So we have spent 3 months fee and 3 hours of training but still can make a cabinet!

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