Beginning of my CNC project using wide MakerSlide

Just a sneak peek at my idea of using wide MakerSlide for both the x and y axis. (Video)

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Hi, what is the distance between the 2 Y rails now? Did you cut your own side plates? I don’t think I saw them in grey before.

The steel plates are all cut from some 1/8" scrap sheet metal I had. When I’m finished building I plan to take it apart and powder coat. All of the wide MakerSlide is 1000mm.

Making the plates.

Started with scrap.

Glued templates to the plates.


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Screw drive?

Yes, I have 8mm lead screws for x, y, and z and plan to have two y motors.

I see, nice work on the plates.
About the distance between the Y axis, sorry if I was not clear, i get that the wide makerslides are 1000 but what I wanted to know was the distance between the 2 rails. Actually, I am trying to figure out how long the base rails need to be, mine are the stock 1000mm and I don’t know if I 1200mm would be long enough mount the end plates.

Nice, been done by many of us already. Makes the x-carve nice and ridged, especially useful for the 1000mm.
here’s a thread of mine and some others


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I got the 1500mm 20x20 rails to be sure I had room and will cut them down when I’m finished. I’ll take some measurements later when I get back to the shop and post.

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