Belt Assembly Question

During the assembly is calls for a tension screw (25mm) to go through the end plate on the belt clip and the 8mm be hand tightened in the insertion nut. This is used to adjust tension on the belt. On the other end it only calls for the 8mm screw to be inserted the belt clip at the opposite end in the pre-assembly insertion nut and lightly tightened.

Can someone please explain why you wouldn’t secure the non-adjustable end with more than a “lightly tightened” 8mm screw in the belt clip to the pre-assembly insertion nut? Would this not make more sense and prevent the belt from potential unnecessary loosening? The instructions also do not show the end that does not require the 25mm tightening screw.

From what I recall, the belt loops around and locks together with itself. I think on my shapeoko, I used twist ties. I had an assortment of screws here and had long ones at both ends. I adjusted each end but that really isn’t necessary as long as you have the travel at the other end. Not much tension is needed to hold it together. You can snug up all the screws after you have the tension correct on the belt but until that time you only need just light pressure.