Belt buildup /cleaning

Are any of you seeing a slight buildup of dust on your belts and VWheels? I’m still waiting on my 3d printed air diverter to ship which should be here next week. Just worried about build up on the wheels and belts. Any suggestions?

Cleaning brush would be first suggestion. I clean very often, even while job is running. Second is coming soon, I’m planning to install thin acrylic fence on left and right rails.

Great Idea! I was thinking the same.

I usually sit over a running job with the vacuum cleaning as it cuts.

But I’m looking to add a dust shoe and hose I can plug the vacuum into once I’ve decided how to mount it and make it height adjustable.

I put together all instructions for dust shoe, BUT I saw another idea last night you want to check this guy’s idea. Looks very promising. I like it. As soon as he finish design, I’ll change mine.

His name is

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Thanks Alan.

Yep, playing with a few ideas here which is more fun than it sounded :smile:

Heres what I did to prevent build up on the rails:

Its just simple cardboard. I’ve meant to replace it with some aluminum sheeting for a while now. (also thats an old picture, ive made a few modifications since :smile: )