Belt issue

i just spent the last hour screwing with the belts… I think i got them taut enough, but i followed the instructions exactly and the damn things kept slipping on me. Anyone have similar issues?

If you are having an issue use zip ties or hear shrink tubing to secure them.

I used heat shrink and it works like a charm

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I used a reverse loop and mine don’t slip.

thanks guy, the zipties seemed to have worked okay. I guess we’ll see if I can ever get this thing built…

If you need any help just let me know

I had problems with the belts initially. I thought the way they looped them through the anchors seemed backwards, since reversing the loop would provide better anchoring. However the problem is that with the open channel under the belt, it is difficult to get the anchor to compress the belt enough. I used tin snips and a tin can and cut some small squares that I laid across the channel under the belt anchor to that the belts would be compressed against something solid when they were tightened down. This improved the anchor strength greatly.

I just posted a tutorial video on this thread:

If it passes muster, I’ll see about adding it to the belting step in the instructions.