Belt Streching

So I tighten the belts - zip tie the ends (close to the bracket) to make sure there’s no slippage . Do A small project with good results . Check the belts and find some slack.Tighten as instructed only to find the half way through a more complex project x carve goes off course . Maybe 1/8 - 1/4 in or so. stop the job and usually find one or more of the belts resembles a tight rubber band rather than a guitar string. If I re tighten I’m ok for a while longer. Is anyone else having these issues ? Also , I’m considering placing tension bolts at both ends of Y ans X to allow for more even tension . Pretty darn sure nothing is slipping from the clips with the zip ties holding the Over-under belt teeth together , but rather a stretching issue. Any Thoughts ?
Thanks in advance

I am having the same issue, When It starts from home I am also seeing it not go to the spot it needs to on easel, I almost hear the belt actually skipping teeth. any suggestions

Are you cutting too deep and fast? I’ve been cutting for over a month everyday and haven’t had to tighten my belts ever.

Please follow this link, we all had similar issue. I don’t have it anymore. I hope you find easy way to do it.

Well , usually 1/8 - 1/4 depth and usually reduce the depth per pass. Knowing it will take longer but should be easier on all components. Just seems like I can start out tight … but by the end have lost that tension . Sometimes causes a problem and sometimes completes with no noticeable issues. on the project. but always loose tension after a carve.