Belt Tension Screws

I think I am understanding what to do after reading the search i did for the tension screws.
Obviously they can only go on one side of each rail.

For the side rails(Y-axis) do you put them in the front or behind the X-axis??

Would it be wise to bolt the belt bracket that does not have a tension screw in it to each subsequent frame? Just to keep it in place if the rail screw loosens up?

Or, put a tension screw on both ends of each belt?


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Only one end needs the adjustable tension screw. The other end is locked down.

Unless you can walk around the the back of your machine, Put the tension adjustments at the front. You only need it on one end of the belt.

And once you have set the correct tension, you lock it down with the vertical bolt in the makerslide.

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What is the correct tension for the belts? Sorry newbie here I’m thinking that’s the problem I’m having

I keep mine at 5.5 lbs @ 1”. I use 9mm belts, but had it the same for 6mm belts.

Get a travel or fishing scale and make a little jig that holds the scale off the rails at constant height. I made a little block of wood with a deep rebate and a hole drilled through top, then hot-glued the scale in. I’ll take a picture of it for you today when I’m in the shop.

Move your gantry to the back of the Y axis and measure the tension in the middle of the belt length. As you tighten or loosen, frequently lift the belt a bit and let it centre back down on the scale hook so you are relieving any pull and only measuring downward pressure. Do the same with X axis moving your Z assembly to far left or right.

Then…you have to recalibrate the steps-per-mm. There are a few good guides here on the forum. Not hard, just a bit tedious .

Also, go ahead and order some backup belt from EBAY now so you have it on hand when a belt wears out and breaks. The 6mm stuff isn’t terribly strong.


Adding photo

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