Belt tightening for beginner

As I have mentioned in previous posts i bought the x carve from someone in my area when it was already put together, so I don’t know my machine as well as o should.

I have noticed that the belt seems to be abit loose can lift it up comfortably, when I tighten the belt does it consist of taking apart some of the machine or can i tighten it from where it stands now, if so could someone please provide me with a video or advice on how to tighten the belt correctly

There’s 2 clips. One has a bolt that goes through the end plate and one doesn’t.

Move the gantry (Y) or the Xcarriage (X) all the way towards the fixed clip (no bolt through).

On the other side, loosen the screw holding the clip down into the extrusion, then by tightening the nut on the bolt will tighten the belt.

The best way to properly tighten is to use a fish/luggage scale and lift the belt 1” at the center and aim for around 4 lbs.

for X-Carve before 2016

for newer X-Carve after 2016