Belt tightening tips help!

Hi everyone so I am trying to tighten my belts, I have only seen videos of guys installing the belts and skipping a few steps I just need to know how to tighten the belts once installed, do I need to take the heat shrink off and then put a new one on? Don’t really know we’re to start with tightening the belt.

If you just want to tighten your belts then after watching the videos you should have noticed that they are tightened by loosing the set screw on the top then tightening the screw on the side.

again you need to read the instructions for that will explain it in great detail.

P.S. you do not need to remove the heat shrink unless the bracket is all the way against the outer brace. if it is then just slide your heat shrink off and shorten the belt by a few teeth and slide it back in place.

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