BELT - what type is standard on X-Carve?

I am considering making my X-Carve a custom size, and understand i would need to alter the belting length.
It would be worthwhile having spare belting, but i notice you have 2 different styles.

  1. not sure what is better/more accurate
  2. no indication as to which is standard on the X-Carve - i.e matches the gears on the machine as standard.
  1. GT2 is designed to have greater precision and repeatability. Below is a picture taken from the Buildlog forum. You can see that the shape of the teeth on the belt is a bit different. On the MXL it is flat on the top and on the GT2 it is rounded. The rounded geometry gives a tighter mate between the pulley and the belt and in theory there will be less backlash or skipped steps.

  1. The X-Carve comes with GT2 belts.
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