Belt-- Where to buy?

I broke my last replacement belt yesterday. Didn’t realize it until this morning when I homed my machine. Have an order due for delivery tomorrow. Any idea of local type places that sell it? Don’t have time to run around to different stores. Do they sell the xcarve size belting at Lowes or HD or Menards? A search of their websites don’t produce anything but wondering if anybody knows?

Nothing at Lowe’s or Home Depot at all. Not familiar with menards. Not one in my area however direct competitors with other big box.

Sounds like I have to pay the $13 for shipping from inventables eh?

There are other sources discussed on the forum. You would have to do a search though. I can’t remember some of the other sources

If you happen to have a Rockler store close by they sell the xcarve they might have the belts?

Yeah I checked it out but couldn’t find it. Ordered some on amazon for next day delivery but was hoping to pick some up today.

Good call-- I checked their website and they don’t open until tomorrow. Thanks though!

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I bought steel one instead of fiberglass from. They seem to stretch less and last longer

I bought these. He has links to good quality belts from multiple vendors. He also offers $20 in free files with purchase which was my selling point since I was already eyeing up some of his files. So basically, I got the end clips free, good quality parts, and a stiff machine.