Belting and attachment

I think a small change for the belt clip is needed, it seems to pinch on the screw in the rail so I reverse and put the tension bolt button head on the x, y end plates with the nut located over the pan head rail screw, not sure it makes much difference but if the clip just was a little longer in the corner of the “L” and did not interfere with each other. I found it impossible to get the longer bolt over the pan head locking the belt to the rail…

Another thing that folks have done is put a zip tie or some heatshrink tubing over the belt where it doubles after it comes back out of the clip so that the teeth remain locked together. I used a short piece of heatshrink and didn’t even shrink it, but it’s tight enough to keep the teeth engaged.

I used, for mine, a combination of methods. I still have to get that strength test done!

I doubled mine back the way they show in the instructions, overlapped it by about an inch, then used cynoacrolyte (superglue would work too, I just had the higher-grade stuff on hand) to bond the two cogged sides together. Then I put a piece of heat-shrink over that. So far, mine are still guitar-string tight, and I have not had to re-tighten them at ALL.