Belting Assembly tip

I’m not sure if anyone has posted something like this before but here goes. after I purchased my 1000mm x-carve I did a lot of research using video’s etc… it looked like a lot people were having trouble with the belt assembly. so while building my x-carve I came to the part where you install the belts. I tried to pluck the belts like a video explained and I was getting frustrated. so I barrowed my brothers $10 guitar tuner and tuned all three belts to a C-. I have had no problems at all with the belts. try it , it works well.
Happy carving
Mike Stinger

Gates actually sells a tuner that does this.

Out of curiosity I had to check… and my belts are Bb.

That said, I don’t think my belts “be flat”… :smirk: But I just have an old cheap fish scale that I leave near the machine. And measure how much weight it takes to raise the belt 1" in the middle. Typically stay around 3.5lbs