Belting set up

So I’m assembling my 1000mm x carve. In the instructions in the list for what you need for this step it said I’ll need 7 feet of belting. So I cut 7 feet. Then it said to cut belting into 3 equal peices a couple of steps later. I had to leave shop right after this. Now it’s bothering me and in wondering if I did the right thing buy cutting the belt to 7 feet then into three equal strips. Can someone ease my mind or tell me I need to order some more belting. Thank you!

Hi Matt,

for the 500mm x-carve you need to cut 3 sections of 2 feet and for the 1000mm x-carve you need to cut 3 sections of 4 feet. So you have some extra lenght wich you can loop through the belt tensioners.

I a sorry for my crappy english.

The belting should have been cut in 3 equal lengths using the total length that Inventables sent.

I am trying to find where it says in the instructions to cut the belt down to 7 feet first??

You may need new belts if you’ve already cut the three pieces.

in the partlist of the instructions it says that there is 7 feet of belting (for the 500mm i suppose)

Thank u. Got it sorted out.

Ya got it figured out. Thank u.

Thanks bud

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Did you need new belts? Hopefully that is the only hiccup in your setup.

ok, did anyone had a problem with fitting this 2 screw sets

into beltclip??
they don’t fit together in angle

Oh ya, that was tough especially when you’re tired. I kind of had to guide both screws in at the same time. DO NOT use pliers to try and force one screw in, you will bend the angle!

Yup. That part needs to be revamped, and they know.

yea, thx guys, i did play with them around and they do fit but it is a hussel.
another Q
why we have only 3 25mm screw , don’t I need 6 of them to do all 6 angles?

Nope. You only need one side for each as “adjusters”.

Have a quick questions with the belts. Like everyone else, I’m pretty much guessing on the tension on the belts. I’ve found that my x carriage still moves ok once I have the belt on…

However, my gantry will not move at all (the whole frame moves before the gantry rolls along the Y-axises). Are my belts too tight? Or is this normal and they will move fine once the motors are powered and moving the gantry from both sides in unison?

Sounds like the Y stepper motors didn’t get the cross over in the wiring that they were supposed to get @NathanGredler

Check the instructions for how all of the wiring is done on the Y axis stepper motors and double check that against your wiring.

Specifically where it says this:

When you get the end through the same hole on the left Y-Plate strip it as before. Now you’ll twist these wires with the left Y-Motor wires. Twist them as follows: red to white, blue to red, green to green, and black to black. Insert them into the terminal block one pair at a time. When you’re done your left Y-Plate should look like this:

At this part of the instructions:

Edit: you’ll also want to check that your V-Wheel eccentric nuts are at their loosest until you get to the end where you “tune” it all and tighten them.

Sorry @sketch42, should have specified - I’m still assembling and have not done any wiring yet. This is me trying to move it free hand by pushing on the gantry. Just trying to figure out if this is normal before I move onto the next step in assembly. Thanks!

Ah, no… It should move freely. Check that the eccentric nuts are at their most “open” position.

Yeah, that sounds like your v-wheels are too tight, not the belting.

@NathanGredler, they should move like this:

@sketch42, @PeterJames… Thanks for the input… will check the v-wheels when I get home. It would glide perfectly before the belt though!