Belts binding Y axis?

I’m building my first CNC router but I’m having issues with the Y axis “binding” or seeming like it catching on something once I tighten the belts up. I’ve loosened, squared, resquared the rails multiple times to see if it wasn’t traveling in a straight line or the V wheels were wanting to jump off the track but once I take the belts off it runs smooth as glass. The X axis does it too but not quite as bad.

Not much information to go on here, but check your wiring on the stepper motors.

What information would be helpful? I haven’t even turned the machine on yet…

If you have a stepper motor wired incorrectly it will offer resistance when you try to turn the motor manually even though power is not present.

Post a picture of your motor wiring at the motor and at the X-controller.

I will try to upload a video of what it’s doing when the belts are on…

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Video will not work unfortunately… going to turn everything on and see if there is an actual problem…

Wiring looks good. (ferrules = nice ).

Not sure what’s best to check next. I assume you have examined the belts for damage and alignment on the pulleys and idlers.

Can you post a picture of the belts / pulleys / idlers?

When i turn the x-controller on the axis tighten up. unfortunately i’m having issues with my computer communicating with the x-controller so I don’t think I can move the axis to see if there is an issue or not.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it appears that the belts are not running in the center of the idlers. One of them appears to be rubbing the retaining flange.

Yea. They’re both running along the inside edge. I disconnected everything from the X-controller to make sure I didn’t miss something inside and now the axis is running smooth again. Must have something to do with power going to the motors… maybe…

The motors should lock up when the X-Controller is on. If they are moving relatively freely with the controller off, you should be good.