Benefits of the X-Carve upgrade

I’m looking at upgrading my x carve soon, but I was hoping to hear from those of you that have already performed the upgrade. What do you like? What do you wish was different? Is it worth it to you? What benefits have you personally seen?

Just curious what there are for reviews.

I’ve seen the other topics. I currently have 8 bolts between them to make them more rigid and this has cut out a lot of the chatter in the machine.

Do you have the xcontroller?

  • Single piece X axis: Worth it. Get it. I had steel bar before and I like the single piece X better. Nothing “measurable” (because I didn’t measure either one), just a warm fuzzy feeling thing.
  • Xcontroller: In my eyes, it’s worth it if you’re using the Arduino/Gshield. 4A capability for steppers, filtered probe/limit switches, easy wire connections, integrated Estop. This is the future of Inventables Xcarve so GRBL updates and such will probably be geared towards the Xcontroller.
  • Z probe: Eh. I have the Triquetra so I prefer to do X/Y/Z and not just Z. It’s nice and needed if you don’t have anything else…something is better than nothing. I like the Z probe socket that came with it too (not sure if its standard).
  • Sideboard: I didn’t use it because I have my Xcarve setup a certain way and it wouldn’t fit. Also, not sure how well it’d work with the old drag chains (they changed the drag chain end location on the newer Xcarve.