Bent Acme Screw

So I noticed that my Acme screw was bent at the top where the lock nut goes, not sure if it could be causing problems with my pocket carves which don’t carve completely flat on the bottom. I readjusted everything on my z-axis, Did the stiffening mod for the X-axis, it is better but still could be improved. So I thought it might be the bent acme screw.

I sent an email to Inventables and they sent me a new acme rod (great customer service). Got the new rod in the mail and its bent in the exact same place. I’ve read some other posts about people getting new Acme screws and they were bent. Not sure if this will even cause a problem. My old delrin nut had a little play in it. the new one does not, so when I assembled everything back together, it was really hard to move the z-axis up and down, and when I jogged the machine up or down it would bind and make this horrible sound, guessing the belt to the z-axis motor was slipping(belt is tight though)

any thoughts?

If the nut is tight the instructions (I know I saw this somewhere, but can’t find it now?) say to run it in with the screw chucked into a drill Run the nut up and down the screw until it’s more free) as for the noise, did you increase the current on the z axis? might need it, or the nut needs to be run in.
my pulley has some visible wobble but it doesn’t cause any issues.