Bent Threaded Rod? (was Moving Gantry Causes LED to Illuminate)

Nothing from support yet, so, figured I’d post here, too.

I’m getting ready to power the unit up for the first time, and, I noticed an LED coming on as I moved the gantry around checking everything. Is this normal?

When you move the gantry by hand, the belt is turning the motor, which makes a generator, which powers up the controller and led.

I would recommend either:

  1. Move the gantry more slowly to avoid turning on and off the controller (as the voltage goes just enough to power on, then just under power off, cycling rapidly).
  2. Connect power to the controller so it stays on, then move the gantry by hand.
  3. Be adventurous, and just hit the button! (I powered mine on for the first time last night!)

OK, powered up, no problem. :smiley:

Now, I need to find out why Z is stalling anywhere above the midpoint of travel. :unamused:

Removed the screws that attach the Delrin nut to the spindle carriage, and, it’s moving fine, but, the threaded rod is really wagging (looks bent).

Flipped the rod over to try that. No change. I’ll just manually home, and, keep the spindle lower until this gets sorted.

If you take the threaded rod out and place it on a flat surface to roll it, you should see the disparity if there is one.

I received a bent ACME z-axis rod with my X-Carve a few months back. Tech support said they didn’t think it would affect the cut, so I didn’t request a replacement. But after three months, the z-axis started making noise. Seems that the delrin nut had been worn to the point where there was significant play between the ACME rod and the nut. I assume that the rapid ware of the delrin nut was due to the bent z-axis actuator rod.

Anyway, if you have a bent ACME rod, you might just want to go ahead and replace is, before the bent one wears out its delrin nut.

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Have you had any luck getting a replacement? It seems like Inventables is not eager to replace them…

I just paid for a new one. I don’t really want to squeeze their profit margins. Rather have them put those dollars into inventing more cool stuff for us to play with in the future! :slight_smile:

David - do you think there is any issue, long term motor wear, to moving the gantry by hand w/ power to the unit off? That has been my preferred method of getting to my X,Y,Z start point lately.

Nope, there will be no issue with motor wear if the power is off.
The servos will no be energized and trying to “hold” the gantry in place.