Besides Easel what programs are you using to run the X-carve, I am looking into try to do more 3-D type work and Easel doesn't do that right now

What Is the best software setup for doing 3-D work on the X-carve.

I use Aspire by Vectric.

Do you like it? What kind of work can you do with that? Is it easy to run with the xcarve?

Sorry for all the questions, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to go with this.

Thanks for your input.

Vectric makes several good products, all of which have free demo downloads you can use prior to purchasing a license. Aspire is the most expensive, but also the most capable, as it can create 3D models. V Carve can take a 3D model from another source and create the gcode necessary to carve it. Instead of Easel, you can send gcode made in V Carve or Aspire to the X Carve by using Picsender. It is not web based so you don’t have to have an Internet connection in your shop. Fusion 360 is free, but as noted it has a steep learning curve and it is also web based. As stated above, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to create 3D designs, the Aspire is what I recommend along with Picsender. If you just want to carve existing 3D objects, save money and get V Carve. I also recommend downloading the trial versions of each package first.


There are lists at:

as well as:

V carve here

I use

  • fusion 360
  • deskproto

and mach3 for a sender

If you are just looking for a program to send the g-code files to your CNC Machine then one of the best available is Pic Sender. It isn’t free but for around $25 it is rock solid and doesn’t suffer from freezing up with very large g-code files that 3d carving often uses. It was written for just that purpose.


V carve desktop os worth every penny