Best adhesive to attach 1/8" ABS to x-carve work surface

Hi Everyone,

Looking for the best way to attach 1/8" ABS plastic sheet to X-Carve work surface. Although I get it clamped down nicely to the work surface it tends to lift toward the center of the piece which is causing some flaws in the cut. I purchased some carpet tape but it seems to be to thick.

Thanks for your advice.

I use Duck Brand double sided tape. I get it at a local Walmart store.


Edit: I have not used it on ABS, but have used it with wood and thin Corian.

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+1 for the double sided tape.

Need to be careful if you’re lettering as sometimes the job isn’t perfectly level when taped. It does however mean that cutting through the work doesn’t damage your spoilboard. The longer it lasts between replacing and resurfacing the better…

For thin material I usually drill a few holes in a section of the material that will not be cut and secure it to the waste board with screws.

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This is the tape I use for woodworking projects
9971 1.88-Inch by 10-Yard Double-Sided Vinyl Indoor Carpet Tape, Natural

It’s thin and leaves very little residue

You could probably use a spray adhesive. Usually if you let it set up a bit it makes more of a temporary hold that can be cleaned off the material after you’ve cut.

I’ve used this with good results…

As others have stated, double sided carpet tape usually holds really well. I’m using:


Ditto about this double sided carpet tape (9970 Indoor Carpet Tape). I have used it, and it works the best.
For rough saw lumber, and some plastics / metal I use this:
It’s super heavy duty. It’s not thin like the above tape. It even comes off the work piece pretty well.
The only downside I have, is that since its so thick, the part “wiggles”. However, this tape combined with at least one clamps, makes tough hold down jobs, much easier; basically another tool in the work holding tool box.
And its cheap: $5.
FYI, do NOT by the other kind of Roberts tape: Max Grip Carpet Installation Tape. This stuff is useless!