Best Bit for cutting

Hi all…can anyone please tell me what the best bit would be to cut MDF and Pine. Thank you

It all depends on your preferences and what you are trying to accomplish. ie; there is no straight answer.

As a beginner, which by your question I am going to make the assumption, I would start with a 1/8" 2 flute upcut endmill.

You can find them on ebay in a ten pack for about 15 dollars or so for the generics.
Buy them cheap at first. it doesnt hurt the wallet or your pride so much when learning what you are doing and hit a clamp,drive it into the work piece too far (or waste board :wink:) and then try to go sideways and the bit goes "ping!"and makes a couple of orbits around the shop. (I’m exaggerating but wear your safety glasses).
In pine especially you may get some fuzzy fibers on the top edge of your cut that may need a bit of touch up with some sand paper but this is a good place to start from and as you get some running time and experience, you will want to look into ball end mills, down cut bits, v bits, different size bits…
Ya see that hole in the world in front of you? That’s where the rabbit went. it’s where you are about to venture as well.

Welcome to the club.


Thank you…this helps. In South Africa various bits are very hard to get. I think i’ll order them on e-bay…

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Look for Drillman1 on ebay… his prices are fair, he offers a large variety and customer service is excellent.

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I just made my first purchase for a number of bits, from the below and he has a good explanation on bits and uses and tests all the bits on his cnc’s, check out the link for his explanations