Best Canadian Source for Acrylic?

Does anyone know of a good source, online or otherwise, for acrylic from a Canadian perspective? (i.e. no cross-border shipping)

I’ve looked at Professional Plastics but it doesn’t look like a good source for Canadians due to shipping. Otherwise Amazon has a few options but I’ve not tried to order those yet. Fellow Canucks?

You could try Plastic World in Toronto. Not sure what there shipping is though.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately they say “Plastic Sheeting is not sold online at this time” on their website. I think this would be a good source if I wanted to go get full 4’x8’ sheets by the truckload but I’m not that productive yet!

Thanks all the same though.

I use CANUS Plastics in Ottawa but I don’t know if they ship. Not sure where you live but have you checked locally?

Thanks for the suggestion but it seems they do not ship.

I’ve looked around locally (Kitchener/Waterloo area) but every plastics company seems to supply specific goods to other industries. Stuff like plastic shipping containers, building materials, things like that. None of the plastic suppliers I’ve found have things like cast acrylic sheets the way that CANUS or Plastic World have in stock.