Best carving,engraving,cutting and ball end bits

Buy from inventables or somewhere else looking for good quality but decent price


Every time you make a recommendation, I wind up buying more bits!$!$!

Just a thought, share your VCarve tool database so I won’t have to enter all of them! :slight_smile:

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Export button.

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I believe purchasing from Inventables helps ensure their survival. Yes, their stuff might be cheaper elseware, but if they go belly up, then what?

just put all those bits in my cart on amazon to give a shot once I order everything

It would be great to get these bits into the Inventables shop. I agree with “buy here” to support the company. These are much needed.

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money is not an issue but l assumed the bits they sell garbage

I’m a pretty big fan of these: They’re a little pricey but they last. I’ve accidentally put the 1/8" one through aluminum clamps and it just chewed right through. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from PreciseBits and been happy with their quality.

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I’m curious to see your settings in VCarve for this bit. Would you mind sharing a screenshot or exporting it?

How can we pin this post to the top of the forum, every time I look for it I wind up taking 3 or 4 searches… there are a number of other bits that Phil has suggested that I really like, especially the long cut bits.

sure would be nice to have a bit listing pinned somewhere at the top of the forum :slight_smile:

Bookmark it

oh, I know, I just have WAY too many bookmarks… I am forced to read most forum posts on my phone, so I bookmark the ones I want to go back and re-read later on my PC so I can see the pics or videos, or reference later.

There needs to be a bookmark option within the bookmarks :slight_smile: Or at least some way for me to give a description I’d recognize.

Yeah, forum bookmarks… I just have a LOT :slight_smile:

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