Best Corel program to buy. I'm a Photoshop guy and that doesn't have the vector files to convert for the Easel and the other

Hey gang wanted to get some advice on the best all around Corel software to purchase for using with Easel and the Vcarve upgrade. Thanks in advance.

I thought illustrator does.

Is Inkscape a program by itself or part of Corel?

it’s a program by itself. not related to corel.

if you have the Adobe Creative then you should have Ai as well. Just create your work in Ai and save as a .svg file. You can also create the outlines in Photoshop and “convert to PATHs” then save them as .svg but that does not give you the same control you have in Ai.

It looks like a simple program that a person could start out with and work up to more intricate work. Thank you for the tip I will download and try.

Thank you will download.