Best Finish for Coasters

I’m just about to complete a set of timber drink coasters but I’m not sure what type of finish to apply to them.

Obviously they would be subject to both heat & moisture, so does anyone have a tried and true method of guarding against these sorts of hazards.

Regards … Dave

Marine or spar varnish

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Thanks. However, from a moisture protectant point of view it would be very good but not sure how it would stand up to heat, as in a hot cup of coffee etc.

I thought coasters were supposed to absorb water.

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Haha. Maybe your are confusing drink coasters with a sponge. lol

Like Ryan said. Marine spar varnish would be a good call. Used it on mine. Not affected by hot coffee cups. They really aren’t that hot. If the cup is glowing red, don’t drink the coffee.

Thanks Ryan & Jeff … will give it a try.

Regards … Dave

I did a test coaster and no finish - it absorbed moisture got moldy and warped in a week… I have been using an Oak and Purpleheart wine bottle and glass thing that has a spray poly on it and not one problem for about 6 months it was just on the desk and I set my glass on it as a coaster. I am making them with brush on poly now too since the spray is kind of a cheap way of doing it for something that could possibly have liquid on it for extended periods of time. That is my theory but I do not need the guys that do spray poly only freaking out here - I just prefer over doing things and a can is cheaper than a couple of rattle cans any way.

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I brushed on a very thin coat of clear lacquer on a set of cherry coasters I made last year. They are used everyday for both hot and cold and I have had no issued with them at all.

There are some very good 2 part resins that can be poured over the finished work. They’re high-gloss, heat resistant and very durable. Most woodworking or specialist paint suppliers will have them.
Could be perfect for coasters.

Cheers guys … that gives me something to work on. Not sure which way I will go but maybe try all of the suggestions and settle on what I think seems to work best.