Best font for small letters?

I am going to try to make an enclosure for my custom controller. I need advice on how to best make the front which will have the switches mounted to it. I was hoping to use Two-Color HDPE - Black on White, as shown here;

My questions are;

  • What is the best font to use? (something similar to Verdana if possible)

  • How small can I make the font and still be easily legible?

  • What type of bit should I use?

Thanks in advance for any help!

One with consistant thickness in the traces, but you will notice in the simulation. They will lose details.

V bit

I’ll second what @eried a V bit will be your best bet for letters. Since it will vary the distance in the z-axis you can actually get really fine letters with a small thickness.

So with the Two-Color HDPE in Easel it will actually give you a preview of what it will look like with the white showing through underneath. You can play around with the fonts and cut depths to make sure everything is looking the way you want before you carve.

I too am trying to make lamacoids and have yet to find the right font for the job. I’ve pretty much perfected the letters, depth and size cutting with a 60 degree V bit. Every font I’ve tried ends up looking like a “stylized bone” though. The program tries to give me sharp, square lettering but I just want simple rounded ends (see attached picture). The lettering I’m trying to do is 6mm tall (1/4")

The preview of the job shows all the little square-end corrections (micro-cuts)

Is there a font that I can use with a V bit that will just cut as a single line? Rounded ends would be fine.