Best possible Dewalt 611 speed for walnut, pine and oak

hi, I am new to CNC carving, and wanted to know what speed to set the Dewalt 611 router at for carving Pine, Walnut, and Oak for various bit sizes. 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4. Thank you…

The consensus is that you should cut pretty much everything between 1 and 2.5. I set mine a little above 2 and I haven’t touched it in quite a while.

When cutting a hardwood like walnut at a reasonable feed rate of 60 or 70 ipm with a .25 inch tool the recommedned speed for the spindle is about 4 or 5 thousand RPM (for optimum chip load). Setting the Dewalt to 1 will give you an rpm of about 16,000. So even at the lowest setting it is already spinning way faster than you want. So use that information to help guide what setting you want to use.

If the RPM is set too high you will run the risk of actually burning the wood and overheating the tool which will cause it too dull quickly. High RPM settings on the Dewalt will also reduce the life expectancy of the brushes.

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Here is a little spreadsheet I made that may help you see how Feedrate, number of flutes, and tool diameter affect the optimum chipload RPM for the Dewalt

CNC Speed Calculator for Dewalt.xls (38.5 KB)


Honestly I’m not sure as I don’t track that. I’m still on my first set, but I cut a lot less than most of you guys since work/family gets in the way a lot.

thank you, the chart I more or less understood, but still am confused about the plunge rate and what that should be set at for carving any type of hard wood. I am looking at various detail cuts into one inch oak, and .75 walnut, with cut outs as well. using I guess 1/8 bits. I will keep in mind the 1 setting for the Dewalt. Looking mostly for fine detail work.

Thanks guys

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I agree, but only V bit requires a little faster RPM like 2 1/2.

Here is something I found.


oh and this one too

I use the formulas to get as close as possible then if I am lost I come to the forum and ask the more experienced users. :slight_smile:
Hope these may be of use to anyone interested.

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