Best Practices

I’m tired of searching the forum, Google and YouTube, so I will just come out and say it…why isn’t there a no shit “you have to do this” for the X-Carve? I’ve had my 1000mm for a year now and I feel like I know what I’m doing (kind of) but damn…why doesn’t Inventables just tell us how to lock the motors, set the X,Y zero for repeated cuts every damn time, how to calibrate, how and when to conduct maintenance, etc? I shouldn’t have to spend hours searching the internet to find this shit since I spent thousands of dollars on the the CNC. I just had to renew Easal Pro and for what…to keep the last year worth of projects I carved or use bits I purchased from Inventables? Its a shit business model and I feel like WE are getting ripped off. I’m second guessing this purchase all together. Now the Pro is coming out and what’s next…I wont have the same Easel tools to use if I don’t upgrade. Why do I have to buy V-Carve Pro or other programs to carve 3D projects? I’m just frustrated with the whole thing. I have zero back ground in CNC, CAD, CAM, G-Code, GRBL and its been a steep learning curve to say the least. I’m figuring it out as I go and have made some nice things over the last year but damn…just make it easier for us simpletons to get better. Is anyone else frustrated like I am?