Best touch screen controller

I have been on the hunt for the best touch screen controller (windows based). I have been using UGCS but the problem is the buttons are too tight together and small. Makes it too easy to hit the wrong button. I have been messing around with some others but nothing I have found is quite right for using your finger on a screen.

Does anyone know of anything?

I did see the xcontroller hack post where @BartDring has something he was working on along with @Rusty. Any news on those?

I’m flattered, but that was all @BartDring. I was more curious and haven’t actually go around to tinkering with this yet. I’m still very interested in diving in, but there is a long list ahead!

I think Bart did post his gitHub repository for his platform, but I can’t quite remember.

found it!


@AllenMassey also looked like he was getting involved.

I think at this point there needs to be a good gui for touch screens, especially seeing that it looks like a lot of others are picking up on inexpensive windows tablets to control the xcarve.