Best way to convert JPEG to SVG?

Hey… I’m trying to recreate my patch from my job in the x carve and I’m not having any luck. I’ve tried several vector conversion websites with no luck…

This work’s for alot of people… :slight_smile:


Have you tried Inkscape?

upload a photo…let the forum see what we can come up with

I did download inkscape but didn’t even know where to begin!!!

Once i’ve imported an image how do I change the settings so that when I double click i can edit all of the points on the image?

You have to “Trace Bitmap” first. Importing a picture file does not automagically make it an SVG with editable nodes. There are instructions on the forum or YouTube.


these instructions for creating an SVG in Inscape have worked for me, hope they help:

Open Image inscape

Select Image

Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy (or Alt + B on your keyboard)

Delete original image

View > Display Mode > Outline. Your image should now be covered with a red X.

Path > Trace Bitmap (or Shift + alt + B). In the dialog box that pops up, click “update,” then “ok.”

Close this dialog box.

Move the red X off of your traced image and delete it.

Save SVG file

sorry Angus, in my haste I see you’d already shared the inscape insturctions

I can’t remember the software name here exactly. But you can talk help from google search.

Not once have i had a problem with this site, to convert go to “Vector” then select SVG. I absolutely love it.

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