Best way to cut an 8mm hole

Hi, I was wondering what’s the easiest way to cut a hole to specific interior dimensions? I am designing my project in Inkscape and import the svg file directly. All measurements seem to be as expected but all the holes are way too small. I have tried all settings for cuts (fill, outline,…) but none of them give me a hole with the specified dimensions. It’s either too large or too small.
I have been compensating for this in my designs but I cannot do this going forward as I need the design files to be precise and not larger by some arbitrary measurement.
My machine is well calibrated and when trying the same with VCarve/Chilipeppr the holes will be cut exactly to my specified size with very little runout/tolerance.
I also thought of it being a conversion problem but the outside diameter of any other shape than a circle is exact.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

a link to your project file would help.

Compensating is not a good idea, that’s just ignoring the problem. :wink: