Best way to engrave straight

I have a cutting board I have already made, but I would like to do an inlay in it. What is the best way to ensure I can engrave the image straight on the cutting board? I don’t have line on my waste board, but I would also assume those are not perfectly aligned by the time you build you X-carve.


The easiest way to do it would be to either use the X-carve to drill two holes in the waste board so that you could then attach some sort of fixture, or have it carve a straight line for reference in the waste board.

Another option would be to attach a sharpie to the outside of the router body and have it draw a straight line on the waste board.

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You could add some wood on top of the waste board and carve off the length of it :slight_smile:
Then clamp the cutting board against the carved wood edge.

Edit - carving two holes as Don mentioned is good too :slight_smile:

I have a carpenters square attached to my waste board lined up to give me straight X/Y lines. I just butt my material up against one of the sides or in the corner. Just be sure your carving path doesn’t extend off the material edge. It’s held down with double-sided tape and stays there constantly.

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