Best way to get a graphic into easel?

Is there a way to get a tragic in to easel without paying a ton more for software? The import image trace is completely useless in easel. No matter the settings it always makes lettering look rounded and cartoon like.

There are probably plenty of suggestions. What type of graphic are you referring to? (picture, logo)

Have you tried an online svg generator?

The original artwork must be of high resolution. In google when you scroll over the image it shows the resolution at the bottom something like 200x230. This would result in what you are describing. If you find graphics in the 1000x1200 range you will get good results

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Indeed, and the optimum work flow depend on origin, quality of that, what you want to achieve and how. So it isnt a straight answer.

Inksacpe is powerful and free BTW - might be worth a look.