Best way to heat a no insulated shop

Hey guy I am looking for the best way to throw a little heat in a non insulated shop that does no have a whole lot of room to spare

what are your guys ideas and thoughts on the subject?

should I use

In my shop I use the radiant heater. I have both units. The Dyna-glow works well but is very loud and will draw gas faster than a 20lb tank can supply in cold weather. Thus flameouts are a problem. I use the Dynaglow to warm up the shop then switch over to the radiant heater.

I use this heater and connect it to a 20lb propane tank. Big Buddy

I got it at Tractor Supply for around 100 dollars.

I use a space heater like the bottom one, heats up the double garage quickly but have been warned it emits moisture which can have negative effect on machines, tools, wood etc…

Besides being “cold” does the cold cause you any technical problems?

I’m in Florida and in the summer the heat and humidity in the garage actually cause my X-Carve to freak-out and I basically can’t use it on hot days.

The dewalt dw735 planer will not work in the cold !!!

total crap

I also use a unit like the one pictured on the bottom. I’m in Minnesota and we have had highs in the negatives for the past few days, and the coldest days are still to come! I will also be doing the vapor barrier on the ceiling as I didn’t get around to insulating the ceiling. I’m in a two car garage and it’s still around 20 in there with the heater on for 30 minutes.

Big Buddy rated for indoor use, has catalytic converter and burns cleaner. Get a CO monitor if you use one of the others.

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I actually did just buy a CO monitor and so far so good. I also didn’t mention my garage is insulated and a few years back I bought the insulation panels for the garage doors. Big plus. My heater when in the 30’s outside will heat it up to around 60 around my work space. I know some of you folks are alot colder where you are.

yup that is so stupid dont you think?

I was severely disappointed when I found that out

no I cant do that I am in a rental house with a detached garage that I work out of and I have already run 6 120v circuits to it and 1 240v circuit on my dime

I would really hate to spend the money on running gas to it

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If you get a lot of sun you can go solar.
Use solar to get the extra energy you need to run a heater.
use of any gas or fuel based heater in a closed shop is bad. Unless you have it ventilated.
Might be a good idea to start working out a way to trap heat in.
It does not get cold where I am but I would seriously be working the solar angle if I had lots of sunny days.

I am not sure that solar is cost effective at all for a shop that uses alot of electricity

not sure on that through

Also in Minnesota,

I use one of these

12’ x 24’ Garage with 10’ ceiling, it works well in my space, takes a long time to heat up initially but it maintains it very well.

My insulated shop is ~12’x20’; heat’s normally off(can get to <25F inside). I have an infra-red(I think that’s correct), burger warmer type heater(1’x2.5’) mounted on the ceiling. I aim it towards my current work station. I also use a small electric heater. Our Inventables friends indicated to me that the worst thing is humidity. I believe that temperature fluctuation(metal expansion/contraction) might affect tolerances. I used to have a combo AC/heater. When it got too cold, the lub was to stiff for the motors to spin, therefore, no heat.

Man am I spoiled up here in the northwest…17 step commute to big ■■■ shop equipped with gas furnace, gas H2o heater, bathroom, Area with counter top, sink and cabinets and after the remodel a full size fridge/freezer. A
nd I can still park my car inside at the end of the night.

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Use a kerosene heater . Works great . Won’t need a a fresh air source either . With propane you will need a to open a door or window defeating the whole purpose of warmth . I’m in chicago suburbs , I can run my kerosene heater for 2 days on 1 1/2 gallons or $4.30 .

do you have a picture of the type of heater that you use?

This is one of mine . Full tank of kerosene burns on high for 8 hrs . Full tank is only 1/2 a gallon .