Best way to import SLT file to easel?

So im brand new to CNC’ing. I’ve had my xcarve a few weeks and have done some easy carves. I purchased an SLT file to carve and do not know which, if any software i need to convert it into easel for carving. If I need to purchase a software which is best/easiest for someone unfamiliar with this.

In my opinion Vectric V Carve is a good option.
Desktop and Pro versions both will import STLs and let you edit them.
It also has a lot of good features for 2.5d carving. Examples are ramped plunged, raster choices, cut direction, any text font you have on your pc, customizable tool library, texturing, moulding toolpaths. These are just a few among many.
With all the features it is a bit of a learning curve but is also very intuitive.


Depending on the kind of file/carve, if the STL-file is a relief design Fusion360 handle these aswell.
For hobbyists F360 is free.

Fusion360 is NOT the right program for editing STL´s though :slight_smile:

Thank You Sir