Best way to make stars for a flag

Can anyone tell me the best way to make a 50 star pattern for the stars section of an American flag? Is it best to cut them out, or to have them protrude? What is the best type of bit to use? I know I’m not the first to attempt this, just wondering what the best practice would be for making this.

It depends which software you’re preparing to.
If Easel, you can use your V bit to draw lines on,
If you have Vcarve or using F engrave (Free Software), my best bet for stars is V Carving. Gives perfect stars.

I only use Inkscape and easel at this time. The flag is did used 1/32" bit and cut out the stars. It was also easier to paint. Here is a picture. Hope this helps

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That looks great

I use aspire. Vcarving was my first thought. I just knew others have done flags, and was trying to figure out the best practice to get sharp stars

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