Best way to manage projects?

Hey all, just curious on how you guys manage your projects in easel? Currently I am just flipping back through my history which isnt the greatest for when I have a project that is say… 4 different pieces. Is there a better way to do this that I am missing?

There is a whole thread going on right now about that very subject. The idea is to somehow allow separate filenames, folders and other organizational structures to be allowed in Easel. The thread is under the Easel subject folder in the Forum.

Is it too caddy to say - use Fusion 360? :scream:

Do you do fusion 360 into universal gcode sender? I’m new to all of this so still quite a bit of learning to do :smile:

@MitchWillard - that is my tool chain. Fusion -> Shapeoko2 Post Processor -> UGS. I also do CamBam -> UGS, or MakerCAM -> UGS. I always make a stop at OpenSCAM to validate the tool paths, origins, etc. before the infamous “send” :wink:


What post processor do you use in CamBam? I haven’t found one of in their list, Albeit I’ve only tried a couple.

Great question - it’s been so long since I’ve set it I don’t recall. Let me look…“ShapeOko”. It’s possible I added it at some point; I don’t recall if it was stock or not.


Ok thanks. I haven’t figured out yet how to add a new post processor or even where to get it but I’ll have a look around.

I don’t know where I found it - it may have come with the software. But here is what I use.


ShapeOko.cbpp (1.0 KB)

Thanks, will give it a try.