Best way to remove carpet tape glue?

Any hints? I have been scraping it with my hands into a little ball, there has to be a better way.

Try using a product called GOO GONE!

I use Goo Gone all the time, but if you are thinking about using it on wood it will leave an oily residue / stain.

You can also try heating the tape up with a hair dryer or heat gun which will soften up the adhesive for easier removal.

Eucalyptus oil also works well in removing the glue but again leaves a residue.


Try mineral spirits (varsol). Apply with a rag/paper towel, let sit for a few minutes, then wipe with rag or paper towel. Dispose of rags/paper towel safely. Wood will dry clean and stain free in most cases.

Used this technique to remove scroll saw patterns from fret work for years.

thanks for all the ideas, trying rub it off with my thumb is getting old.