Beta Release Information

Onboarding and Beta Information

The Inventables team has been hard at work over recent months exploring CNC and software solutions to support the industry of residential cabinetry and casework. We are very excited to begin sharing our new software tool with the community through this beta release.

This is the first phase of our beta release, and we will continue expanding access to Easel Cabinetmaker as we progress through our beta launch. During the beta period, access to Easel Cabinetmaker is completely free, and beta users can use it as much as their business needs. As we develop additional features and release the software for general use, we may introduce pricing in some way. Inventables will inform all users before we make any changes.

Easel Cabinetmaker is currently optimized for CNC users with GRBL-based controllers. We’re also currently working on cut lists, for users who use manual machine tools (table saw, track saw, etc.) to manufacture cabinets. Our team is regularly working to investigate and develop features and support for additional users.

How to sign-up

If you’re interested in joining the beta version of the Easel Cabinetmaker software, please request access on our sign-up page. All users will need an Easel account to use the Cabinetmaker application. Once you’ve been given access to Easel Cabinetmaker, you’ll receive an email from our team with more information on getting started.

This initial release is the first phase of the Easel Cabinetmaker public beta launch. Stay tuned for additional updates from the Inventables team as we continue to develop our cabinetmaking solutions and expand access to additional users.

How to share feedback

Because this is a beta software, we are regularly adding new features and functionality to the tool. As we continue to make these updates, feedback from our beta users will be greatly appreciated. If current or prospective Easel Cabinetmaker users have questions, concerns, or comments about the software, we encourage them to reach out through the Easel Cabinetmaker channel on the Inventables Forum.

Here are some questions for users to consider when sharing their feedback:

  • Is there anything in or about the app that is preventing it from being useful to you?
  • What areas of the software are confusing or unclear to you?
  • How did your assembled boxes fit together after the panels were cut?
  • What additional tools or features can be added to Easel Cabinetmaker to better support your business?

Our team will regularly review new posts and comments in the forum channel during our business hours to ensure timely replies to users. We appreciate the support of our current and future Easel Cabinetmaker users as we continue to develop this new software!

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